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are a non-profit organisation for free Development founded by German students. We develop different Applications in different teams. We designed Applications for 256-bit AES Encryption but also multi-plattform Games.



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Newsflash: WhatsApp now with end-to-end-decryption (Thu, 07 Apr 2016)
Since the last week WhatsApp automatically encrypts the users messages with end-to-end Encryption. End-to-end-decryption? End-to-end encryption  is a system of communication where only the people communicating can read the messages. Nobody, not even the company  WhatsApp itself can read your messages.
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Instagram shuts down API access for “Being” (Sat, 27 Feb 2016)
Being, an iPhone app that enables users to see what Instagram looks like through the eyes of another user, launched only eight days ago. Now it appears to be banned by Instagram. According to “The Verge” Being had gained over 40 million user since its release and was also on Apples “featured Apps” page on... Read More
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We design 3D models, Graphics and UI's with free avaible programms such as Blender.


We develop apps for Android, Assets for Unity, external renderes for Blender and much more...